Digital Tools I Wish Existed


A tool for queue management:

I have little visibility into required time investment and foundational context until I’ve opened it and started thinking about it. Should I sit down with a pen and paper to read this or can I skim it while waiting for my coffee?

This is something I never really thought about. I guess this could become a part of my flow of reading content - tagging it properly so I know when I have the time and/or energy to dig into it.

I had a similar idea a while back and started working on it (had earlier versions that are now delete, I believe the project originated from my wish to combine instapaper and pinboard). Probably stopped because I hit some sort of road block - still seems to be a valid idea and a nice side project though.


I want to be able to open an interface, type three words, and instantly see results from everything my digital self has interacted with. Emails, years of full-text browsing history, text messages, Slack messages across **all** my organizations, calendar invites and events, books, podcast transcripts I’ve consumed, Twitter and Instagram DMs, PDFs I’ve downloaded, bash commands, videos I’ve seen, my online and offline files, notes, blog post drafts - I really do mean everything.

This would be awesome. I feel we're not far from it, sounds like it is a task that AI will be helpful with.

13th Dec, 2023
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