Hi, I'm Chris Jarling 👋

FullStack Developer specialized in Typescript, with a love for sleek User Interfaces1.
Currently working on the worlds first Telecom-as-a-Service at Gigs.

This is my personal website, which I use as my primary home on the internet. On here, I mostly write about software development, partenting and personal growth, try to keep some notes and use it as a general playground to try out now things.

Latest posts

Since this is my personal website it serves no purpose other than being my place to publish on the internet, I have no fixed topics I write about. However, here are the ones I wrote about the most:

[1]: ”But this website looks not sleek at all.” That's right. The goal of this website is to be very simple and allow me to focus on writing (with being a playground for trying out technologies as a secondary goal). I find myself struggling with design a lot, so I decided to just not do anything fancy.
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