Observation Creates Reality

Link: https://medium.com/@alexgadd83/observation-creates-reality-20ed32b67365

Only through observing reality we shift it from a variety of possibilities to a fixed state:

It seems that it is only when one is observing reality does reality shift from being a wave of possibility to the actual, physical reality that we all know.


reality exists as in a state of multiple possibilities and it is only when observed that one physical outcome becomes real.


Basically, every possible outcome is happening, and it is only when someone observes the outcome does it finally become a fixed outcome in reality.


This therefore raises the question of ‘what is consciousness and how does conscious observation actually cause reality to become real?’ Unfortunately the answer to this question is probably well beyond our scientific understanding; maybe beyond human comprehension!

​I like to think that nothing is behind human comprehension in general. It might be at this point in time but I am sure this will change, much like thunder was behind human comprehension at some point in time.

12th Dec, 2023
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