18th Mar, 2018

Learnings Week 11/2018

For some weeks now, I keep a folder in my bookmarks bar named "Learned this week". Whenever I stumble upon something interesting I learn during the week, I save the according page there. Aditionally, I keep a note in Bear for everything I learn that is not savable as a bookmark (i.e. is not a Webpage). Usually on sundays, I comb through that folder and the notes and prepare everything so that I can possibly come back at it later.
I used to do this for myself, in private, but I might as well do it here.

This week is rather short on content, since I dove into React Native for the most part and did not really go much deeper than the documentation and some usual pitfalls. There's two things though:

Why is using “for…in” with array iteration a bad idea?

I tend to forget the right way to loop over an Array / an Object in JavaScript about every 3 to 6 Months. While I was refreshing my memory on the topic, I also stumbled across this question on StackOverflow.

Demystifying Multi-file Searches in Vim and the command line

I've been using vim exclusively for more than two weeks now, and it's going pretty well. When I was pairing with a co-worker on Friday and he told me to do a project-wide search for a string, I had to open Sublime Text for the first time since moving to vim.
In an effort to avoid future embarrassements, I did some research on searching project-wide in vim. I always thought I'd need a plugin like the silver searcher for that, but vim actually provides satisfactory methods by itself.

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