15th Jun, 2019

Getting lost

It can be helpful in life to have a goal in mind and decide what you do based on the contribution that thing makes towards reaching that goal. This is, by nature, very limiting, which is exactly what you want. It helps you only do the meaningful things. But this will also bear the danger of not letting change happen.

From time to time, it is nice to just get lost. When you read something, and that sparks an Idea in your head, just explore that idea further. Get into the topic, find another interesting thing and then start exploring that. Just enjoy the process of not knowing what you are doing and why. Enjoy wondering and learning things and the joy of experiencing how many things are out there.

Just don't forget to go back on the path you were on before, and focus on what is essential to reach you goal. Also, challange that goal every now and then.

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