5th Oct, 2022

False assumptions

Louis Antonopoulos (thoughtbot):

I immediately realized the trap I had fallen in. I made an assumption (no key in backpack) and I held onto that assumption for days like it was the truest thing in the world. And that simple action, repeated over and over, led me down a trail of wasting time, feeling frustration and worry, and taking all these extra steps.

This is something I fall for as well, and fairly often. I make it a conscious effort to remember to ask myself if what I think is happening is actually happening. But it’s hard to break your thought process and think about it when you are happy about being oh so smart that you know what’s happening right away. It will take time.

To Louis' list, I’d like to add

  • I fixed the bug in one place, so it is gone for good
  • If something important was broken and it somehow passed the tests, exception tracking will catch it for sure
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