17th Oct, 2022

I had a commute today

I decided to go to the office today, which meant I had a commute. I hated every minute of it. It takes me about 50 minutes from door to door with public transport. I’ll consider this a lengthy commute.

Here’s a list of annoyances from my rides:

  • Dude Smoking heroin at the station at 9 a.m.
  • People not caring at all about masks being required on public transport
  • Random dude screaming at a woman because she was standing in the door area (there was no other place where she could have gone)
  • Woman refusing to pick up a toy for her toddler because „You dropped it“, toddler screaming in protest (and rightfully so).

All in all, this took a lot of energy and time and was a great reminder of why I love working from home.

It’s also a great reminder why companies should let their employees choose from where to work. My energy might get drained from encounters with a lot of people. Yours might not. You may even like it.
Neither of us should be forced into a situation that’s subpar for us.

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