1st Jul, 2023

Electrical Toothbrush

I bought my first electrical toothbrush today. I think I also had one for some time when I was a child, but it’s the first one I bought in my adult life. I’m not sure why it took me so long to buy one. I’ve been thinking about buying one for years but never did it.

It makes so much sense though. I don’t like brushing my teeth. I also don’t hate it, but it’s a chore I have to talk myself into doing a lot of times. Today, I already brushed my teeth twice and am looking forward to doing it again when I go to bed. This might wear off, since this is new for me.

The toothbrush cleans my teeth much better then my old, manual one. Almost feels as good as when I get a professional cleaning at the dentist.

These two things are very much worth the (reasonable) price I paid for it.

I should have known better, though. Buying things that make chores fun has almost always been a good idea for me. I bought a vacuum robot (which did not make the chore fun but more or less made it disappear) and a vacuum for our windows, which now leads me to clean our windows a lot more often (though not that much in total – the point stands, though. Two times a year is twice as much as never). I'd also mention a dishwasher here, but this one feels a little different for me, as I still don't enjoy the process of loading and unloading it. It just makes me hate the chore a little less.

Wonder what else there is that falls into that category. I think having a Tesla would probably make everything that is a chore and related to a car much more fun. That’s not really matching the points above, though, as a Tesla costs a little more than my electric toothbrush.

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