3rd Dec, 2023

Spotify Wrapped 2023

(Sorry for the large images in this post. I may make images be prettier sometime in the future.)

Another year in music done. Here's what mine has looked like:

Overview of what I listened to

I listened to around 31,000 minutes of music over the year, which translates to about 520 hours or 21 full days. That's a little less compared to last year (~35,000 minutes).

Here's some details about the list:

Top Artists

2023 Top Artists

I really enjoyed listening to Lionheart, especially after seeing them live in late summer. Great show!

I listened to a lot of Drake as well, but it was almost exclusively the "Scorpion" album.

As for the remaining artists, they're part of the "Casey Nesitat Music" playlist I listened a lot to while running, after I started rewatching Casey's Vlogs in early summer.

Top Songs

2023 Top Songs

"I'm Sitting Here Wondering" is the first song in the "Casey Neistat Music" playlist, so I listened to that every time I went for a run at least once.

Now "Butterfly" by "Crazy Town" might look weird. But it's the first song in another playlist I listened to a lot while riding my new fixie.

"Hellrot" was my spring song when the sun started to finally come out again.

Genre distribution

2023 Genere distribution

I think Spotify has Lionheart listed in "Modern Rock" instead of "Hardcore" or "Beatdown", hence the large portion of it. The rest sounds about right to what I like to listen to.

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